It’s my half birthday!

So this month was my husband birthday (which is technically my half birthday! Yay).  So what better way to celebrate his birthday by having a day filled with activities. 


When it comes to heights, I am usually quite scared but I always try to pluck the courage to try new activities. So since since we have both been inside the O2 a Million times, we decided to go up at the O2

Our trip was on the 27th June. The past couple of weeks weather was amazing but we were unfortunate not to have a good weather today but that did not stop us.

Our Session was for 1:15pm but as we arrived earlier than expected, we were allowing to go for the 1pm session. We were directed to Base camp briefing room where we met our guide for the day and was given all the safety rules and regulations. Thereafter, we watched a video just giving the group information about the O2 for example, the yellow spikes sticking out of the dome represent each month of the year, it’s also 365m in diameter (representing days in the year) and lastly it 52m High (representing weeks of the year) = FUNFACT lol.

Once the Briefing was completed, we were given our equipments which we needed including safety shoes, Harnesses & Gilets as it wasn’t too cold outside. We made our way onto the beginning of our 90 minute adventure. So the first stretch was REALLY STEEP! my calves was burning after the first 5 mins. Not only that but the walkway felt like trampoline so you had to be cautious and make sure we secured ourselves firmly to the time. Larry, (who is a big kid at heart), kept trying to scare me and jump as he was walking.

When we reached the top of the walkway, we were released from our safety rail and free to look around the 360 degree panoramic view of the city. You could see key points of the London such as The River Thames, The Olympic Park & the London Orbit.



At it’s steepest point which is the beginning, the walkway has an incline of 28° and 30° on the way back down and has a slight bounce to it to mirror the surface of the tent. On our way back down we had to actually walk backwards as it was starting to rain.

We had about 10/15 mins up on the platform to take pictures, look around and ask questions about London arts before descending down towards solid ground. Once we completed the Trip we headed inside the O2 to Busaba Eathai for a lovely lunch!

Overall, we had a really great day & was able to come back in time to pick up the little one.

NOTE; Tickets for Up at the O2 cost from £30 for adults and children aged 10 and upwards. More information can be found on their website.


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