5 things I wish I told my younger self…


Dear younger me….

So you at the point where your working & studying…life is good but your rushing to get into the adult world so here is some advice for you.

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself- I know you want to succeed in life, everyone wants the same thing but enjoy each & everything you do. Be proud of how far you’ve come and grateful for all the good things you have in your life. Focus on the good instead of the bad. ( doesn’t mean you should slack & not think logically about life lol..)
  2. Be yourself – Yess!! sometimes you can be misunderstood but don’t change that about yourself. Carve your own path and hold on to your beliefs and dreams. you don’t have to fit in with the cliche paths of others, focus on your own path. Embrace and appreciate the person you are and are also growing to be. Figure out the things you like & don’t like. Don’t be afraid to express yourself to learn your strengths & weaknesses. Getting to know yourself will help build self confidence and self love. 
  3. Follow your Instincts – Instead of asking everyone around you their opinions, Learn to trust your own judgement as you know more than you think you do.
  4. Smile more – In all things good/bad/silly/ugly…please please please SMILE. 
  5. Lastly IT GETS BETTER – Trust me, there is going to be so many rollercoasters that is going to come your way, keep doing your best and know that your best days have yet to come.

Hope you digest this advice lots of love 

Older me 



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