GlossyBox July Edition!

I know, I know….sharing July edition of Glossybox on the first of August, really???? I promise to do better….hehe

With all the this half rain half sun that we have been getting in the UK, it was nice to be reminded that we are truly in the summer season!

1. Spectrum collections small A10 Fan – I would say this has to be my one of my favourites in the box as I actually do not own a fan brush. This fan is designed to help you chisel your cheekbones & make it easier to contour your nose, so for someone like me who doing my own make up has come with tremendous practice, it is nice to have something smooth & easy to use. More information can be found on RRP £4.99

2. Bellapierre Cosmetics, Banana setting powder –  Everyone loves a little baking which involves letting the finishing powder sit on the face for between 5 to 10minutes in order for the heat on the face set the foundation before dusting off the excess powder that is left. The Banana setting powder has yellow hue which helps counteract the redness, discolouration, blemishes and dark circle. The powder also creates really soft tone against olive skin. More information can be found on RRP £25.00

3. Monu Professional skincare, Soothing after Sun Lotion –  So I will be going on holiday in a couple of weeks & this already in my bag, lol. This lotion has an active form of soothing aloe vera as well as Vitamin E & Shea Butter. The aim of the lotion is to cool, hydrate and help calm the skin after being in the sun for a long time. More information can be found on RRP £19.95

4. Panpanga spiral hair – As I have very kinky hair which I usually tie with a rubber band if I can’t get a hold of an actual hairband in time. So with these spiral hairbands, it truly helps as it is flexible plastic which also great as it prevents breakage & split ends. More information can be found on RRP £4.99

5. Shills, Snail Essence Wrinkle- Smoothing Sheet Mask – Snail facials are the latest trend from Korea. The mask aims to increase the skins’s ability to hold moisture & reduce cellular ageing. When I first tried the product, I was a little put off because of how much moisture was in the mask  but after getting over it, it actually felt quite nice on the skin. I will definitely be repurchasing this again. more information can be found on  RRP £1.99 

Hope you guys can check out the products and leave a comment on your thoughts 


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