Hello August!….



 Good morning/ Good Afternoon/ Good Evening my blog family,

It is that time of the month, July recap & August goals…..



  1. Eat cleanHonestly, I had my up & down days. Going through what I ate in July, I can say that I did well in terms of introducing myself to new types of food e.g. Avocado and incorporating more fruit in mine & my families lives. 
  2. Workout three times a week this month –  I accomplished this challenge, which I am really proud of myself as now I can confidently walk into the gym and not feel like I don’t know what I am doing with any of the equipment. One the apps that really helped was Bodyspace app, check it out. It has various types of programs which showed you what areas it was targeting & you could set yourself up for online programs with particular coaches. 
  3. Schedule my post for each weekI started this goal off so well & then I just fell off. when they say there is not enough time in the day, I definitely agree
  4. Take each week upload a post on Instagram  I have actually been posting more than once a week, I think this is due to being really busy with my friends wedding and just connecting with all the other bridesmaid via social media. Kudos to me (Big Grin).
  5. Read a Bible verse a day.This has also been a goal which I can say I have managed to complete and now incorporate in my daily activity. Instead of physically reading, I found that I always had some quiet time on my journey to & from work so I was able to listen to the bible verses in the car. 

Goals for August…

  1. Continue with my workouts  – So my aim is currently 2 times a week but sometimes I find that busy schedules get in the way therefore, I am unable to complete 2 times a week. But I aim to continue a regular routine or even increase it by 1 so 3 Times a week
  2. Try out new recipes each week – Sometimes, it’s nice trying a different recipe so I aim to try & make 1 recipe a week. 
  3. Find different activities in order to keep active-  so it can be jogging, a day out cycling with family, Trampolining etc 

What are your August goals?


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