To wear make up or not to wear make up, that is the question??

So I am someone who enjoys wearing makeup & I am always looking at different techniques to try to improve my skills However, I would not call myself a professional but I do like to try different things out.

So one Sunday morning I decided to take a different approach & go to church without any make up. As everyone knows me, I am quite happy to go out without make up but when it comes to taking pictures, I always start questioning myself on if I actually look nice or not. I find that I am always self judging myself in a negative way, which personally, I know it isn’t but I still find myself doing it. So whilst I was in church, I starting thinking to myself, why am I not happy to show myself in a natural light, what is it in me that makes me think that I can’t look good without make up & actually be proud of myself. One of my reasons I created the blog was to discuss about Self love and to show others what self love is about amongst other things. what I realised was that I actually need to take my own advise sometimes, I just show me and be proud of it. Sometimes, natural beauty is waaaaaaayyyy better than topped up beauty.


 The society we live in creates this illusion that if we don’t fit into what’s in trend or how others look, we are not good enough to get compliments or to put ourselves ourselves out there. I honestly, can’t remember on whether it was the sermon that triggered my though process or if I was self conscience about what others we thinking about me, but what thing is for sure that I will make sure to show myself true self, without filter, makeup or anything like that because TRUE BEAUTY IS ABSOLUTE BEAUTY!



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