Hello July!…


Well hello July..It’s so nice to see you again after 11months lol. 

So recap of June, my aim was to…

1.Get Fit – Half Completed.  So I have been doing relatively well in the getting fit department lol. I have been making slow progress due to so many birthday in June but this will continue onto July.

2. Plan my weekly tasks – Completed. Planing my weekly task went positively well. I was able to utilise my diary/phone & email to organise my days to meet with Family/Friends. I am really hoping to continue this tactic. 

3. Positive Quotes – Completed.  My daily positive quotes has also been going quite well. Each day, the different quotes allows me to self reflect and recognise some positive words that brings a smile to my face.

 Soo..On to July……. 

  1. Eat clean – As part of my get fit plan, I want to start eating healthy (Fingers crossed).
  2. Workout three times a week this month –  this is going to be one of the toughest challenges but I must try. 
  3. Schedule my post for each week – Since creating Timelessfavours.com, I have tried to put together a schedule day where all my posts can come out at once…erm epic fail so this is one of my goals. My aim is to post once a week, a Saturday or Sunday evening to be exact. 
  4. Take each week upload a post on Instagram 
  5. Read a Bible verse a day. 

What are your July goals?

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Happy June