GlossyBox July Edition!

I know, I know….sharing July edition of Glossybox on the first of August, really???? I promise to do better….hehe

With all the this half rain half sun that we have been getting in the UK, it was nice to be reminded that we are truly in the summer season!

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GlossyBox June Edition!

*Covers Face* I know this is so weird publishing June Edition in July but it has been so busy….But on the plus side, Better late than never right!

So in my last Blog about Glossy box May edition. I was able to do a review on the products in the subscription box & I really liked the products that was inside it. So this time around I was able to get more products to review. 

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What is Timeless Favours???

What is Timeless Favours you ask??……

Timeless Favours is brand of art, a collection of things that are personable to each & every one of us. From the smallest gift to a quote of the day, even self reflection of the day. It is all about the empowerment of a women through what is currently within our reach.

Not only have I wanted to share my own thoughts & views but I have also wanted to show other women that sometimes, it is about building and believing in yourself.

Each page will include various opinions, reviews & ideas that may be useful to you… sit back grab some snacks & enjoy!


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