To wear make up or not to wear make up, that is the question??

So I am someone who enjoys wearing makeup & I am always looking at different techniques to try to improve my skills However, I would not call myself a professional but I do like to try different things out.

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Hello July!…


Well hello July..It’s so nice to see you again after 11months lol. 

So recap of June, my aim was to…

1.Get Fit – Half Completed.  So I have been doing relatively well in the getting fit department lol. I have been making slow progress due to so many birthday in June but this will continue onto July.

2. Plan my weekly tasks – Completed. Planing my weekly task went positively well. I was able to utilise my diary/phone & email to organise my days to meet with Family/Friends. I am really hoping to continue this tactic. 

3. Positive Quotes – Completed.  My daily positive quotes has also been going quite well. Each day, the different quotes allows me to self reflect and recognise some positive words that brings a smile to my face.

 Soo..On to July……. 

  1. Eat clean – As part of my get fit plan, I want to start eating healthy (Fingers crossed).
  2. Workout three times a week this month –  this is going to be one of the toughest challenges but I must try. 
  3. Schedule my post for each week – Since creating, I have tried to put together a schedule day where all my posts can come out at once…erm epic fail so this is one of my goals. My aim is to post once a week, a Saturday or Sunday evening to be exact. 
  4. Take each week upload a post on Instagram 
  5. Read a Bible verse a day. 

What are your July goals?

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Happy June


Self Love!

Sometimes, we just need a reminder that Self Love is the number 1 Factor that allows other factors in our lives to fall in place. 

Without Self Love, Other factors crumble….

As a young British women, sometimes it’s hard to realise that the best person you can be is one who looks back at you in the mirror everyday!

Self love


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Hello June!…


Can you believe we are are halfway through the year and with everything going on around the world, sometimes it is nice to take a step back and reflect on life and set some monthly goals, so here are some of mine for the rest of month..

Get Fit!

Now I know, this is common in nearly everyone’s goal list. I have always added this to my list whether it’s from my new years’ resolution to my short term goals but I always seem to never stick to it. So….new month, new goal! 

My aim is to take baby steps and start with a few changes and build momentum from there. Incorporate FRUITS in my daily intake YES FRUITS!!! In March, I received a Fitbit from my lovely husband & daughter for Mothers day & I took on the challenge to drink more water but in May, I fell over the bandwagon so Let June be my way to start over again with something new.

Plan my weekly tasks

I find that with work  and home life, I just go with the flow of the day but I want to try to have the week planned ahead so it doesn’t too overwhelming or get any surprises. ( Bare in mind that being a mother is full of surprises enough lol).

Positive Quotes

Sometimes, we are so consumed with our daily activities that we forget to self reflect on ourselves. So part of my June goals  is to read positive quotes 1 a day to be exact to myself and to self reflect on it

What are your June goals?

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Happy June